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Voice Journal Entry

Shelby 2

__ __

I don’t know what happened to me but it’s so good. I don’t care if he’s older. I want him. The sun makes the beads of sweat that disappear down his shirt hard to ignore. The fabric has to be sucking it off of his perfectly tan body but if it continues to roll…I wish he’d let me see how far one drop of sweat could go. Maybe it escaped the scrunched band of his grey track bottom. God, I’m insane. The guy has to be mid twenties. Thirties? But the more taboo something is the better? Yes. Yes. That’s absolutely right. How could I ever think I was wrong. The woman was right, I was right. Together, we’ll run away together where I can tell people I’m nineteen and we’ll be lovers. Nobody will get in the way. Not my parents, not the virtuous band of misfits, nobody will spoil this for me and should somebody try, I’ll get rid of them. That’s what he’d want. The woman agrees. It’s not bad to want, to lust, to have wrath. It’s power. Sweet, sweet power. I’ll have him. I will.


Backstory: she’s been affected by Lust and hasn’t found it in herself to fight it yet.