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Voice Journal Entry

Shelby 1


Are you really interested in me? This isn’t a joke is it? I didn’t do anything to deserve this. Those girls have it out for me and we’re on the same team. It’s crazy, right? It isn’t just me? Guess not. So, uhm, I guess this is real. Okay….what was the question? Who am I? Oh….that’s kind of a loaded one. I am…me. Oh right, you don’t know me, hence why you’re asking. Uhm, my name is Shelby Valentino but people think it’s funny to use Valentine instead. I go to the worst place on earth, Ester Allen High School. It’s in this small suburban town. Really quiet, with nosy neighbors and cliques and they pretty much hate outsiders which is what I am. My family moved back to East Hills Valley last month. My brother and I never really knew the place but mom and dad grew up here. I still don’t know why we moved back but I’m trying to fit in. It’s hard though. I have a younger brother, his name is Jason, and he is already considered popular with the middle school kids. In a year’s time, we’ll be in the same school then I’ll get to see how he gets included and I get picked on. Love how that works.

Oh crap, I have swim practice. Coach is making us run laps. Run! We’re a running swim team. How’s that for unconventional. Anyway, I’ll catch up with you later. Bye..oh, and please don’t tell anybody what I told you. Thanks.


Shelby Valentino is a character I’ve been ignoring. Decided to dust her off and bring her out into the light.