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Crap. Crap. Crap. Melanie rounded the corner at full speed and nearly tripped over her own feet. She wasn’t supposed to still be out. Three hours was the allotted time. When and how she let that get carried over into six was a problem she didn’t have the spare extra seconds to worry over. The sun was barely winking anymore. Soon the moon would be the focus of the sky and it would be brighter than ever. She could feel it calling to the part of her she suppressed since the last full moon.

She scrambled up the dorm stairs, cursing the elevator for being slower than Sunday drivers, and murmured excuse me, sorry to every body she bumped into on her way to her room. Being the weird girl who bolted one day out of each month because of night fall was better than being the spaz who flipped out on people.

“There you are.” Courtney exclaimed. She got in the before Melanie was able to put up the studying sign on the door.  “I texted you like an hour ago. There’s a party and like, I didn’t know if I should have, you know, like, said yea for you cause, well, you have that time of the month and all.”

While she spoke, Courtney’s hands were here and there, acting out the one-sided conversation. There were times when Melanie wondered if she tied them, would her roommate still be able to talk. She checked her watch and mentally whined. If Courtney stayed, it was possible she’d find out the answer to that hypothesis.

“Sooo, hello? Are you in or is it, like, that time?”

Melanie sighed. “Not tonight. Cramps.” Was a lie but it was her usual excuse when it came to explaining her odd behavior to Courtney.

Displeased to go alone, Courtney scrunched up her mouth into her nose which went up into her forehead. It really was an ugly face, then again, she was an ugly girl. Realizing the thought, Melanie held a hand over her mouth.

“Eww.” Courtney took a step back and kicked the plastic trash bin over. “Are you seriously thinking about puking in here? Do you know how bad that will smell?” Her face scrunched more in disgust and Melanie felt her throat tighten in fear. It was happening.

With no answer, her roommate rolled her eyes, mumbled an okay and opened up the sad example of a closet. “It’s kind of good that, you know, like, you won’t be coming cause I have seen what you call party clothes. No offense.” Her long, slim fingers worked between hanger after hanger in a search for the right look.

They’d look better as pencils or pens with blood ink. Melanie fought to keep the side that answered to the full moon at bay. Courtney didn’t stay long when she knew it was that monthly torture. This time it wasn’t working the same way and the last remnants of the sun’s protection was slipping away.

“We should so go shopping. I haven’t had something new in like months.”

A casket fitting would be new….

“Ugh, tight wad parents.” She groaned as she started from the front again.

I wonder if they’d miss her….

Melanie felt the control changing hands. She had to do something before Annie came out. The only reason she was able to get out of the mental institute she was in was because Melanie convinced them she wasn’t a danger anymore. Except, it wasn’t really her. Annie had behaved enough to get her way. She didn’t want to be cooped up. There was no fun in traumatizing people who were already off their axis.

“Courtney, could you see if the girls across the hall have extra pads?” She asked. It wasn’t hard to sound like she was in discomfort.

“I have tampons, which, I feel required to tell you as a responsible roommate, are better than those disgusting diapers.” Melanie nodded. She already knew her stance on the pads versus tampons argument. That was the whole point about asking for the pads. “I vote you try one and then I’ll get that diaper.”

“Courtney,” Melanie started, with desperation in her voice, “please?”

Groaning, the other girl rounded on her. “Really? I’m choosing to be nice and you still say no.” She scoffed. “Rude.”

“Bitch, rude is the skank standing in front of me. I on the hand am perfectly certifiable.” Melanie winced as Annie took over and shoved her docile side to the ground. “How about I do your makeup. It’ll be a scream.” She smiled. Those lips sewn shut would be a great statement. But we weren’t allowed anything too pointy. Her eyes landed on the desk behind Courtney and she beamed. A stapler would be a far greater statement and the blood mixed with some dirt would be nice blush. Oooor we could do tattoos. I love giving tattoos.

Melanie cowered in the back of her mind while she watched her lunar personality enjoy her freedom. Annie was sadistic, malicious, narcissistic. She was every sickening personality disorder that deserved to be locked away on death row. Instead, she was the mental instability that required rigid therapy before the real self, Melanie, could be reintroduced to society. Melanie, the quiet, compassionate, forgiving girl was who they believed was the dominant personality but both the personalities knew who was really in charge.

Annie licked the blood from the wire hanger. It wasn’t her preferred weapon but it had to be done. The girl kept talking and trying to run. She did squirm though. It was no wonder why guys always had her over. She knew how to move. Well, knew how to. Annie looked down at her corpse of a roommate. Was sad to not do it properly. They took away all her tools.

She moved over to fix her hair in the mirror. The dead girl did have a point. “I think it’s time we went to a party. We’ll have plenty to do.”



Daily Prompt: The Full Moon

When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.


I took a very long time to revisit this. Like much of my other posts, I don’t do much revisions because I don’t want to put the best plastic surgery foot forward. I want to show the faults and bare bones. I want you to see the rough sketches and the fumbling. So, enjoy my non-revised work.