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I’ve had one main hardship in my life and that has been my mother’s health. I’ve always been a shy person but thanks to one obnoxiously pushy sister, I got into a Hip-Hop dance class and that shyness had to step back. Let me tell you, dancing in front of a class of thirty other people with an instructor who always left the blinds and doors open so parents could watch could affect anybody. I am sarcastic with a tendency to use dismissive answers or tones when bothered. I hate excessive talking or harping on things. I love animals and my solitude. I don’t have much people I consider friends because I don’t believe that everybody needs to be my friend.

But why am I boring you, or enticing you if that went over the way I hoped, with all that random about me bullet points? If you’ve read my opinionated Tuesday posts then you know it connects.

In all of my writing, whether it be a roleplay, a writing exercise, a character setup, and so on, I have noticed traces of me. I may have a character who is withdrawn. There may be a mother-daughter relationship that is unbreakable. Or there may be instances where a character is the complete opposite. They may be talkative, insecure, and needy. They could be detached from their family and have a strong connection to a gang of friends.

I’ve found what any person who writes probably has and that is, no matter how you try, the best writing comes when you’re connected to it. Build that bridge between your life experiences and the lives you’re creating on paper (or screen, whichever applies). You’ll be surprised how the emotions can translate over. But hey, I could be wrong. I’m still new to it all and like my tagline says, I’m fumbling around. Wish me luck.