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Outside of Sunset apartments, the sun was shining and the birds were singing their respective songs. But inside the complex, in the dark humidity of an elevator, trouble had just begun. Jared Brooks couldn’t have been more peeved. Mind you, this was the type of man who would screw over old grannies on their retirement accounts. He was what all ten of his ex-girlfriends would call an arrogant rich slob with his greasy hair, rumpled suits, and trashed penthouse apartment.

The reason for the unattractive scowl on his face this morning was the horrible inconvenience of the building elevator breaking down with no air conditioning. And he was stuck with whom he thought to be some of the worst people in the whole building.

There was the mismatched couple from the eighth floor. Red headed bombshell, Sierra Cortez who was known to be a nymphomaniac and her quiet, laid-back author of a boyfriend Andrew Watts, they were the only two people in the entire building that had at least two apartments separating them from their closest neighbor because the noises were just unbearable.

“None of you are even remotely attractive enough for me to ask for you to join in, so stop giving me that look.” Sierra hissed, leaning into Andrew who quietly shushed her and rubbed her back. Trying to make herself as small as possible, the only other woman in the elevator inched away from the overly touchy couple and closer to Jared. Her name was Ila Donovan, a once aspiring pediatrician before one too many wrong turns in college sent her into a life of drug cocktails and the selling of herself for more drugs.

“Why doesn’t the elevator work anymore?” She had dissolved into a whimpering mess after her initial screech when things broke down. Not only that, but she was crashing down from her latest high and was getting twitchy and erratic. Ila looked in the direction to the only one who felt like talking at that point.

“They’re coming for me. I thought I was safe.” Matthew Ivans muttered under his breath, not really talking to anyone other than him and the ‘voices’. His apartment was on the third floor. He had lived with paranoid schizophrenia for years and was very much an introvert. Even now, he continued to mutter under his breath to himself in the furthest corner from anyone else. Matthew was becoming increasingly more frantic as the minutes dragged on.

“Would you just shut up?” Jared growled, getting more and more annoyed with the mutterings of an insane person.

“Don’t tell me what to do! My friends don’t like it when I’m told what to do!” Matthew snapped, switching from muttering to nearly yelling. “You must be one of them! Are you?! Are you here to take me away? I won’t let you! I haven’t done anything wrong!” Crazy laughter began to spill from his lips and he pressed himself into the corner as far as he could.


Prompt: Five people are stuck in an elevator, no lights, no air conditioning. Each must have at least one line of back story and one line of dialogue. 500 words or less.

Total words: 509