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As the schedule indicates, every month there will be a character I’ll focus on building. Last month was a vampire named Layla. She’s near and dear to me so having the opportunity to develop more of her back story and personality was fulfilling. This month, I decided to go with a character in a manuscript I’ve been working on. You can never do too much character development, right?

Also, this month, I will try sticking to voice journal entries. I hope you enjoy this character as much as I do.


There’s not much to tell. I’m Terra, Terra Di’Richii. Seth likes to call me Di’Richii. He’s my best friend since as long as I can remember. I go to Tellon University. I don’t know if I should be telling you this but Tellon is a school for people who are Gifted. A few normies are admitted to keep suspicions low but they know to keep quiet about it. I am one of the unlucky Gifted. I’m considered a Nairi. As if I don’t stand out enough I get the fortune of having a major gift. I have dominion over the mind. I’m nothing great though. I can’t even use it right. Half the time I find myself in somebody’s head by accident. You can imagine how much friends that gets me. I’m the Nairi freak who can’t control her gift. Doesn’t help that my best friend is the popular one. That makes me the Nairi freak who can’t control her gift AND has a friend who is too good for her. Seth doesn’t care. I do and after losing a year’s worth of memory, I don’t really know me anymore. It sucks….