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Unless you live in an underground cave (a case in which you’d be unable to read this) or are deaf, you’ve been exposed to music. Sitcoms, movies, commercials, waiting rooms, department stores, being put on hold, the ice-cream man, school plays, church, and so on. The list feels endless. Music is another form of art. It is meant to speak volumes, evoke thought, create a sense of catharsis.

Let me take a moment to pause and address one thing. I am not talking about the very main streamed ten or so songs you hear every time you turn on your radio. I’m not referring to the sad degeneration that is happening to rap and hip-hop in the last few years or the sexed up pop charts. This goes deeper so be ready to break out your Pandora to try something new by the time we’re done. Better yet, do it now. Open it up, type in Escala and take a listen or try Joe Hisaishi. If you did, you would have noticed there aren’t any words. For those that would like a soft crooning in the background I suggest typing in El Tango De Roxanne or Sway.

I hope you are trying this out while you read because it sets a mood. As I type this, Michael Buble is crooning his version of Feeling Good, and I do. Music lifts your spirits in a way nothing else can. It is motivating, captivating, inspiring. It is a friend who will cry, laugh, scream, and rage on with you. On days when you’re feeling down, sometimes the right song can paint a better picture you could have if somebody asked what’s wrong.

In my exploration of music, I’ve found that musical theatre is often cast aside. Who wants to hear a bunch of people singing some song about going across town to beat up their rival gang? I don’t but that’s not all there is. Take Les Miserables, it is a musical full of songs. Some aren’t as fun or applicable but then you have I Dreamed A Dream. It’s adored by many, sung by even more, and won’t go away. Why? Because you can find pieces of yourself in the lyrics. We’ve all dreamed and at one point or another, we’ve had to let go of one because life was too uncompromising. We’ve gone through break ups that were blows to our very core. We’ve felt down and out.

Les Miserables isn’t the only musical/play/movie that has a soundtrack you can stop and just live through. Considering I mentioned one of the songs from the Moulin Rouge, you should already know I love that movie. Every time I listen to Come What May I get a sense of hope and promised tomorrows.

So you’re not interested in musical pieces. Alright, then what about trying artists like Sia, Birdy, Eleni Mandell, Lhasa de Sela, Heather Headley, India Arie, Digital Daggers. They all deliver a different sound, belong to different genres, touch different parts of you. A little over a week ago I did a post that mentioned how music is one of my muses. In this one, I’m telling you how much I love music and how important it is.

I give imaginary awards to every music composer, instrument player, orchestra, band, cast member, and every person involved in the music that gets swept to a corner. Pirates of the Caribbean wouldn’t be so moving without its soundtrack. Same for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Zelda, Star Wars, Batman, etc. Music is just as memorable as dialogue, especially when done right.

So, will you try something new today?