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“Why me?!” The whimper was not something that Freya was very proud of but since there was nobody around to hear the lapse in her cool, she didn’t care. She should of known better than to trust those hooligans to keep to their promise of a nice boat ride. Never mind the fact that said hooligans were her cousins, they were still hooligans.

They had to have known about the leak in the boat. It was the only explanation behind their cruel abandonment and the mocking laughter that still rang in her ears. She didn’t know how to fix the hole, let alone get the little boat back to the docks before it was completely full of water. Worse still, winter was setting in and it was becoming glaringly obvious that she was going to have to brave the icy water and swim back.

“This is why I hate coming here.” Her whimpers had turned to growls as she took a dainty step upwards onto the seat to avoid the water for as long as she could. Her gaze darkened as she turned it in the direction of the house. Why her cousins had taken to picking on her the last couple years, she’d never know. There was no one instance that Freya could recall that she had done anything so mean to them. If she had, she’d understand the treatment. This time though, they had gone too far. Whatever peace talk her mother may have tried wasn’t going to work this year. The minute she was out of this sinking boat and back on dry land, it was time for revenge.



Prompt: Stuck in a sinking boat

Not very long but I feel like this was an alright start into the blogging world. Maura gave me this one in hopes of helping me think of something to write and it took long enough to figure it out, didn’t it?

Tell me what you think. I welcome all criticism.