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Hushed whispers, barely hidden giggles, gasps of awe, and soft murmurs of desperation were the sounds of her brother’s charming effect on women as they made their way through the street of sellers and beggars. Thalion had been cursed with the ability to enchant others. She often tried to warn him about it but to him, it was a blessing. “Is it not rude of me to leave a clouded soul of woman where she stands when I can be the sun she needs?” He’d ask in one variation or another to which she’d shake her head and wait for the next argument to begin. That was when she stepped in. While he laughed and chastised the men for being too weak to control their women, she’d send him off and weave her own web. By the time she had the men sated in the simmering anger, he’d be gone – sometimes with women in tow and sometimes with none but his shadows.

She couldn’t understand it then but as she watched him smiling and complimenting the seller’s daughters with hallow promises, she saw something in him. The not right boy she knew was a very fine man. He was once in the middle of things – not too tall or too short. None too handsome but far from merely okay. Voice nothing that could make butter envious yet not easy to ignore or say no to. What she was watching now was a man mother’s would try to warn their daughters from consorting with and sons from befriending less he mirrors the unwanted behavior.

The resonate timbre of his brass lined voice reached a part of her oblivious to his ways. With blinders of family and the taboo of incest hardwired into her blood she was unable to understand why women swayed and bent for him – was. Now that she heard it, the rest of her senses soon followed, unlocking pieces of memories ignored. He stood tall at five-ten and carried himself with more grace than trained women of courts. He wasn’t a shuffler or huncher, something she fooled herself into seeing to dispel the suppressed points of attractiveness. His face was made of strong lines and features that though softened with a smile, could not be forgotten. Striking pools of brown were captivating when he deemed you worthy enough to look directly at you and he had a softness to his strong touch that made you wonder if he was a puppy inside of a raging bull.

Layla shook her head. It was ludicrous. Of course he was attractive, he had to be considering they did share a father and she was a beauty in her own right with skin that tanned to a near golden glow of a setting sun. They both had their father’s black hair that they wore proudly in all its length. Hers she kept up in a finely done bun of curls while Thalion wore his in the manly fashion or a low tied ponytail.

“Thalion,” she warned. The girls’ father was done with the task she sent him on and was making his way back over.

Her eyes cut over to him and again she had to shake off the sinful observations. Whoever managed to catch his attention longer than three hours and marry him would be a lucky but doomed woman. There was more to her brother than what they saw. More than possibly even he knew. Under all the layers of finely created distractions was a darkness that evoked both fear and respect.



Your character’s first cousin is quite a catch. About time they noticed.

(being that my character had no cousins, I went with her half-brother)

This character is one that’s near and dear to my heart. I’ve worked with her many times but never in this capacity or age so it was fun to get into her head again and see things through her eyes. Mondays will be reserved for Layla. What I end up writing will be a surprise every time for all of us so stay tuned……

In the mean time, how would you do this prompt? Would your character see it as a forbidden fruit? Would they indulge? Would they shut if off as soon as it started? Would they hate themselves?