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This will touch on my more open-minded, random, comedic story of heaven and the hours before we come to be in this world through the fabulous, messy, forgettable way of birth.

If you’re good with that, read on adventurers, read on.


This whole theory came about one night when my sister and I were sitting around in the kitchen. Night time seems to always bring odd times for me, especially when my sisters are involved. On this fateful night, we came up what happens twenty-four hours before we’re born.

Before we’re called on, we’re waiting around. Doing what I’m not so sure on since that wasn’t part of the theory but feel free to explore that on your own. I know I will later. But when that time comes, the shopping begins.

There is a long white carpet that leads off into a welcoming darkness (we aren’t going there yet). On either side of this are the open venues of the main attributes, personality traits, characteristics, etc that we will need in our earthly life. It’s a constantly occupied area. Always clean, noise and voices limited to calm, hushed tones, and a large clock looms over counting down.

It sounds like an easy task and it would be if there weren’t thousands waiting in line.  You must also adhere to a one main rule……no more than ten can be selected. The catch is, there are levels of each. Going up from the basic level will count as a another selection. For example, opting for high tolerance (level 7) will count as 7 out of the ten. You now have 3 left. What will you do? How will you use your time to your benefit?

The rest will be left up to fate.

Will you waste time standing in line for Patience and miss out on Wisdom? Will being Athletic be more appealing than having good Health?

The clock chimes, the shrill sounds of the earthly world fill the once quiet space, and one by one we enter the darkness to be born again in a flood of light, blurred vision, muffled voices, and new experiences.


It is a theory that entertains me when I’m bored. There are times I consider doing a cute comic or flash fiction with it. Maybe one day I will. Till then, I just enjoy the weird little world I set up.