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We all have that something that ignites the spark we need to light the fuse of motivation, inspiration, and creativity. Some call their sparks muses. I like to call mine outlets. When I’m feeling blocked, and that happens more often than not much to my displeasure, I use them to channel my energy while my brain works out a way to get around that wall of doom. I don’t know about others, but here are a few of my favorite outlets.



Image(image by kasqlaa on deviantArt)

I’d probably smile a lot more if music played in the background throughout the day. The rise and falls of notes, melodies, voices, the different registers and octaves, the tomberness or rasp. Music is more than the color of skin or religious affiliation or political beliefs. It’s a story that, at times, connects. Every song has an emotion tied to it. Depending on how I feel, you might find me bopping to Flyleaf, Evanescence, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Breaking Benjamin or dancing around to Serani, Popcaan, and Machel Montano. I find it the most inspirational when I’m already in the process of writing. It just keeps my blood rushing. Pandora has become my favorite app thanks to this.




Yes, when I’m stuck in a rut I shrug, pick up a book I’ve been ignoring, and start reading. Thanks to my speed reading ( I timed myself), I finish rather quickly. By the time I actually close the book, I’m on a creative high. I start rattling off idea after idea for either a role-play (will be revisited), an in-progress piece, or writing prompts to use my blog. Apart from making me drunk with eagerness, books also make me feel more sure and empowered with my writing. I may be crazy, but hey, it works.




I’m not talking D&D or WoW. And if your mind is in the gutter, scrape it on out. There is no sexual play happening. No, the way I came to know role-play was by participating in a group where we all wrote as a given character. Pretty much is acting in form of writing instead of standing and literally acting with spoken lines. I came to see it as a writing exercise. I no longer do it with a group but I do continue to write with a friend. We go back and forth, posting on a private forum, continuing a plot we agreed on till it plays out. Believe we have a good seven or so active ones. It’s a daily exercise for me and I love it. I get to try out different techniques, writing styles, character flaws and attributes, and plot twists. Works for me.


At the moment those three are all that come to mind. It’s a good thing, believe me, otherwise I may have gone on forever.


What are some of your outlets? Let me know. I’d love to hear about them and maybe try for myself.