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I’m taking a risk posting this but I believe that there is a little piece in every person who will read on that will prevent theft. If you’ve been keeping tabs of this blog, you would have noticed there are at least two challenge days missing. Though it feels like some backsliding happened I don’t feel unaccomplished. I’ve been plotting on the side (a friend and I are pursuing co-authoring….we’ll see how that goes) and coming up with prompt ideas. Just because the weekend kept me physically busy didn’t mean I couldn’t mentally be here.


The reason I’m doing this is because I want to see what others think. Please, please, please leave a comment. It will be more than appreciated. I may not fall in love with you but I will consider you one of the people that helped make this story more than an idea.

Below will be a quick plot overview. After that will be an excerpt from a random part of the piece. Its genre is YA Fiction , fair warning. And, again, let me know what you think. Thank you in advance for reading.



The Guardian of Gates has been sealed into the body of a human child by the Council. Left with a loving family, the child grows up with a pretty normal life, but has no recollection of her true identity. Upon her high school graduation, she enrolls at Tellon Academy, a school for the gifted, and is immediately accepted. Before she can finish her first year there, she disappears with no warning to anybody.

A year later, she has returned, but with a broken-heart, a mate she rather not be bounded to, and still no idea of who she truly is. Will her memories return before the souls spill through the Gates and possess the living?


“What does it say?” His voice was deeper than when I last saw him. His hair was also nothing more than a bowl cut mess and now it was held tight in a low ponytail with strands framing his face.

“Yeah Di’Richii, apparently you’re the Alpha so divulge.” I wanted to punch Seth so badly at that moment but unfortunately, Vechor was still in the room. Instead of getting detention, I gritted my teeth and began to read.

“Pulses quicken as adrenaline consumes you. Eyes widen as dormant instincts awaken. Power is weakness; weakness is strength. Courage is fear; fear is ignorance; ignorance is wisdom.”

“What?” exclaimed my team in sheer confusion. Shaking my head, I hushed them and continued.

“All that is right may be wrong as wrong may be right. From the earth all things come and to the earth all things must return. Alphas lead and know when to follow as followers know when to stand and lead. Seek refuge amongst yourselves as the time draws near where loyalty, trust, and allegiance carry a great price. Be wary of shadows, careful in the light. Good luck young pack, protect your own.”

I flipped over the paper, hoping that wasn’t it. Lost, I looked up to ask Vechor what he meant but he was gone. While looking for him, I noticed that we weren’t the only confused team. As I thought about the words, I began to nibble on the inside of my lip. What could it mean, I kept asking myself.

“So you’re Alpha and we’re a pack?”

“Excuse?” I looked up and felt ashamed of myself. How did I forget to take notice of the other three members? The one who asked was shorter than Seth and much quieter. He wore a muscle tee, which made me wonder if his ego would be a handful.

“He was just clarifying the situation,” blurted out a female version of him.

“Well, yes, I’m Alpha and we’re all a team.”

“Pack you mean.”

“Yeah, pack.” I turned to the girl that was now the spokes-twin. “I’m Terra. If we’re going to be in the same pack I should at least know your names.”

She laughed and nodded, “we know who you are.”

Who doesn’t I thought, trying not to make it obvious I wanted to be anywhere but there.

“But since you’ve been away for a year, it’s only fitting that you aren’t keen on who all your classmates are.” She smiled
toothily, clearly showing her canines, “I’m Lorie and this is my brother Ender.”

He did a small wave, smiling more with embarrassment that with pride. I smiled tightly back at Lorie, “Glad we’re acquainted now.”

Her silver eyes fixated behind me and the smile went from a power struggle to flirty. “Hi James, that retreat you went on proved to be a positive experience did it not? Hair doesn’t grow like that unless the person is truly at peace.”

Before he could respond I excused myself from the love fest and slipped out the room. If they had my name then they would easily get my email address. I’m semi-positive that Vechor somehow put each team members’ information within our possession.