The missing Day 2 POV


This is a short one since the full background isn’t needed.




It was wrong to stand there watching them. She shouldn’t have been straining her eyes to see his lips in an attempt to read them. They’d be upset with her if they knew she was spying on them. There was malicious intent. Priscilla was her friend and Ty, Ty never remembered her.

Casey may have known Ty first but the friendship she had with Priscilla mattered more to her than impressing some guy who was hung up on his ex. He liked to pretend he was a playboy, flirting with every girl that walked by, going to the clubs, hanging out at the cool parties, but she saw the side of him he hid so well.

It was the night of New Year’s Eve. She had met him at a week or so before then at club so when she bumped into him again at a party she quickly latched onto a familiar arm. It turned out he was the perfect guide. He knew almost everybody and if he didn’t he made it look like he did. It was New Year’s Eve though, everybody knows each other on that night, so she didn’t dwell on it.

When the time came for the countdown, she knew who she wanted to kiss. Problem was he disappeared. By the time she found him, it was the new year. The moment had passed. He stood out on the street just looking up. No cars came since most people were busy drinking the night away. She called to him, joking about leaving a good girl waiting. She thought she saw him smile in the dim light of the street lamps but when he got closer, she saw the double meaning of his words. “Then you should move on,” he told her only to smile and take it back as a joke. It was too late though, she saw it, and as she stood watching him with her could be best friend, she knew she was right.

Priscilla was no better. The girl was clueless to her own feelings that kept her in place. Unlike Ty, Priscilla talked. She told Casey about her ex who despite everything got her back in school. Wasn’t in those exact words, but it was the basic gist if you read between all the attempts Priscilla went through to convince herself she was over him. Casey wouldn’t tell her, but she knew about the wallet. There was a small card that fell out one day that read “A way to carry everything and keep me close.” It was worn and hidden amongst the business cards she kept just like the oversized sweater at her place.

“Priscilla! We’re first up!” She hated interrupting them but their professor had just walked into the classroom. “We need your notes!” They didn’t but something made her add it. Seeing Ty deflate a little made her wish she kept her mouth shut. The way he looked at Priscilla made her envious. They were both stupid but maybe not over. If she could use her powers for good, they’d be back together in three months time. Hopefully.