Day 1 was a success. Took some missteps, clicked that backspace bar more often than not, and sometimes flat out stared at the screen but it happened. If I was vain enough, and not friends with laziness, I’d give myself a good pat on the back.

It was Day 2 that hit a snag. I promised myself three perspectives. It was an additional goal tacked on for my own benefit and I fell short. To miss that last perspective within the time span of 24 hours was disappointing. After struggling with “Hers” and somehow managing to accomplish what I wanted with “His,” a drain happened. Despite the concept I had for the third person, I just couldn’t bring myself to get it out and I find that it’s something most bump into at some point or another.

On top of these daily challenges and working on manuscripts, I also toss play by play stories back and forth with a friend of mine. Eventually the constant flow of creativity turns into a meager trickle that can no longer feed into the pond. If left unattended, the pond will dry up but if tampered with too soon, the balance can be thrown off.

My hopes is by taking a break, balance will restore, and not only will that last POV be put up today but so will Day 3.


Fingers crossed!


Also, if you have any prompts let me know. I’d love to have other ideas to toy with.