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This isn’t a gimmick. There are no rings to be shared or definite good times to be had. There won’t be days of senseless lounging or flippant, boisterous behavior. What will be experienced are long working hours. Sometimes work will be brought to bed. It will be the first thing on the mind when the morning sun steals away the final minutes of sleep. There will be stressful moments. There will be obstacles. There will be the doom of writer’s block (dum dum duuuum). At times giving up will look like an angel has spared you but it’s nothing but a ploy.

In order to succeed, to find the rich text that lives in the soul and heart, there must be a commitment. From this day forward there will be daily writing. Maybe not lengthy work – sometimes life just doesn’t allow it – but there will be a devotion to the craft of writing. To be great requires practice, diligence, dedication, and some level of insanity. Thankfully insanity comes without much internal aid (we have others to thank for that).

So today…….WE WRITE!!

(and tomorrow we cry but do it again)

(seriously, don’t cry. Unless it gives inspiration. Then write on my sistah, write on.)