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My Resignation: after years of unhappiness, you’ve finally had enough and have decided to quit – but we’re not talking about your job. Write a letter of resignation to someone other than your employer – your school, your family, your favorite sports team, etc.



So, hey. I hate being formal but you know that. You know everything about me like how I bite my nails when I’m excited and how I hate those beads in shower gel cause they just make a mess. They just don’t dissolve properly but, like I said, you know that. You know everything and yet I know nothing.

I’ve invested time and countless amount of energy only to find out that I’ve been friends with a wall. It took me five years to realize that I’m the one who’s been doing all the talking. I’m the one sharing the stories, inviting you to parties and dinners, introducing you to people I know and going out of my way to be there for you. I’m the reason we talk so much. If I don’t text or call then we go a day without speaking. At first I wrote it off as me being clingy but I think that’s kind of expected when you know someone for five years.

What happened to us? Maybe it’s me. I’m the one who went away to college and got a new perspective on things. New friends in a new town can do that I hear. It’s kind of where I got the idea for this from. You’re probably going to think I’m a cavewoman for using pen and paper. I didn’t think it was right to do this in a typed up format. That feels even more formal and this isn’t formal, it’s personal.

I can’t keep pretending like our friendship is a two way street. It’s a one way thing and you’re a dead end. It’s like I’m holding you down. Since I started my second year here, I’ve got to meet a lot of new people and I get more from them than you’ve ever given me. They talk, I listen, then I talk and they listen. It’s how friendships are forged. I don’t feel like I’m a nagging shadow with them. They bring me into their lives. I know more about some people I’ve met within the past year than I know about you and that’s sad. That’s no way to treat somebody who cares. I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

I’ve thought about it for weeks and still it hurts to drift so far a part. I took some psych classes and I think I am a clingy type of person but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. If you take time to think about it, you’ll see I’m right. We aren’t close the way two friends should be. I rely more on you than you have on me.

Anyway, I hope you’re okay. Tell your mom that I got the care package and love it.